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01 February 2011 @ 08:49 am
The Misfits was released. It was the last film appearance for both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe.
All images belong to Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos.

Jerry: Look, I’ve just cut my finger clipping your blasted hedge.
Margo: Don’t swear, Jerry. And don’t bleed in the sink, I’ve just cleaned it.

Barbara: How could you miss a chicken from six inches?
Tom: It ducked.

Jerry: Come and have a cuddle?
Margo: Jerry, please. It's broad daylight. We're in somebody else's house. No, I'm sorry.

[Jerry, Barbara and Tom have been to see the musical society's production of The Sound of Music]
Tom: I mean... I mean... That *was* The Sound of Music wasn't it?
Jerry: Possibly.
Tom: I wondered. For a moment I thought we'd strayed into the Folies Bergères.
Barbara: You mean the sunrise scene where all the nuns realized they were in see-through habits?
Tom: Yes. I never really believed in them after that. Why did Margo sing Maria?
Jerry: It's the name of the character she was playing.
Tom: I know, but I thought the song came from West Side Story.
Barbara: It did.

Margo: [Tom has ordered Margo to fetch brandy for the piglet] Tom?
Tom: What?
Margo: Remy Martin or Hine V.S.O.P?